Investing in Ecosystem Services Workshop

Wednesday, January 18th to Wednesday, January 18th
Location: Sandman Signature Edmonton South Hotel 10111 Ellerslie Road Southwest, Edmonton, AB, T6X 0J3

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Building knowledge and capacity in support of Ecosystem Services (ES) investment markets.

This Investing in Ecosystem Services Workshop is for producers, land managers, government and non-government, and industry stakeholders who are interested in and want to provide input into mobilizing ecosystem service market opportunities.

At this workshop, participants will:

  • Increase understanding of investment opportunities for ecosystem services
  • Learn how assessment and quantification methods link to sustainability (ESG) initiatives in agriculture sector
  • Identify gaps and next steps to mobilize and deepen ES market opportunities

Topics and speakers will include:

Overview of sustainability platforms & ESG initiatives, Dr. Marian Weber

Integrated platform for measuring ecosystem services, Dr. Wanhong Yang, University of Guelph

Panel presentations on current ESG initiatives including:

  • Grassland Capital X & Carbon Plus Exchange Pilot, Lindsye Murfin, Western Stock Growers Association
  • Watershed Stewardship, Mary Ellen Shain, North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
  • Producers Leading the Way Project, Tim Romanow, Milk River Watershed Council
  • Supporting Corporate Sustainability Goals, Christine Campbell, ALUS

Facilitated discussion on where to from here

Lunch is included. Register today.