Assessing Ecosystem Services Training

Tuesday, January 17th to Tuesday, January 17th
Location: Sandman Signature Edmonton South Hotel 10111 Ellerslie Road Southwest, Edmonton, AB, T6X 0J3

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Join us for this hands-on training day to learn about IMWEBs and ESAT developed by University of Guelph.

Integrated Modeling for Watershed Evaluation of BMPs (IMWEBs) and Ecosystem Services Assessment tool (ESAT) are used to identify high priority areas, evaluate ecosystem service outcomes, and provide a cost effectiveness analysis.

Impacts of best management practices of water quantity (drought and flooding) and water quality (sediment and nutrients), biodiversity and carbon are evaluated at site, field, farm, watershed, and river basins scales. ESAT is a user interface which allows users to examine scenarios and target investments on the landscape to maximize ecosystem benefits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of IMWEBs and ESAT Functions, and why you would use these tools in your planning and evaluation of ecosystem services initiatives
  • How ESAT is used through case study applications
  • Hand-on experience with ESAT, including troubleshooting and tips
  • Build an understanding of ESAT functions, applications strengths, and limitations

Audience: Land managers, watershed coordinators, conservation technicians and professionals involved in the conservation, restoration or enhancement of ecosystem services in communities, watersheds and agricultural lands.

Participants will learn how to identify priority areas and better evaluate the impacts of their conservation programs and initiatives.

Bring your laptop to connect to ESAT. It needs to have ethernet or wireless internet connection capability.

Lunch is included. Join us. Register today.