Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach

The goal is to create a community of shared understanding around ecosystem services and biodiversity and market-based instruments.

Through stakeholder engagement initiatives, the Network is striving to help landowners understand the demand for ecosystem services, who will pay, the costs and potential supply of ecosystem services, and the use of various tools for participation in ecosystem services and biodiversity markets.  This engagement is beneficial for stakeholders because they can ensure their needs and interests are considered as markets are developed. They are also able to incorporate innovative ideas and market based tools into their decision-making processes.

There is more to engagement than just bringing key players together. It involved increasing the number of people interested in ecosystem services and increasing the amount of collaboration.

The ESBN is reaching out to anyone interested in ecosystem services and the markets that could advance them.


Stakeholder Engagement Community (SEC)

The ESBN is proud to be a Champion of the Stakeholder Engagement Community, an online group dedicated to stakeholder engagement and consultation practitioners.