Data and Information Management

Managing data and information is critical to managing ecosystem services and to the market system, as buyers and sellers must have confidence that there is integrity in the exchange.

A centralized data system provides stakeholders with the assurance that the data has been collected in the same way and can therefore be accurately compared, which is important in valuing ecosystem services. Integrating data also lowers costs for industry and government because it reduces redundancy and puts all information into one place so that anyone can access it.

The Bio Resource Information Management System (BRIMS)

The Bio Resource Information Management System (BRIMS) is an initiative led by Silvacom and Alberta Innovates. BRIMS is a publicly available web-based application that integrates data from multiple sources to map forestry, agriculture and municipal solid waste. Through BRIMS, users are able to access information about natural resources, ecosystem services and land use, and search based on their interests.